Payment Term

  • To block seat either in our Training program or short-term retreat program, please pay the booking fee  via Transferwise, Payment, or bank transfer.
  • Students who haven’t paid the booking fee will be automatically deleted from the student list.
  • Please notice that we book the seats according to the chronology of the payment (“first come first served”), therefore only by paying the booking fee right after the application gives you a warranty to secure your seat.
  • Please let us know about the chosen payment option so that we will send you an appropriate Payment link or information (bank details you can find on this page when you scroll down)
  • All the transaction fees should be covered by a student – it refers to the fees taken by TransferWise, Payment, bank transfer, etc.
  • The booking fee is a part of the whole fee.
  • The balance fee needs to be paid throughout the bank transfer (up to two weeks before the first day of the course) or in cash ( INR ) on the day of arrival – please let us know what is more comfortable for you. Please notice that students who choose to pay in cash on arrival need to sign up for the agreement and accept the rules and regulations of our cancellation policy. Not paying the total fee at least two weeks before the course, nor signing the written agreement will cause the loss of the booking fee and removal from the student list.
  • Please notice that due to fixed traveling costs of our international teaching team and costs of organizing the TTC booking fee and the course fee are not refundable. Students are allowed to change their batch to available for the next dates.
  • The balance fee is strictly non-refundable and can be transferred only if a student will request us to reschedule the chosen course at least two weeks before the course start date, otherwise the fee will be lost entirely. The paid course fee is not refundable. If you have already paid for the entire course and you need to reschedule it, the same rules are applied – please inform us at least 2 weeks before the beginning of your course. If you cancel the course 2 weeks or less before its start your fee will be lost entirely
  • We will accept postponing the course only due to unavoidable reasons, and the paid amount can be adjusted/used in any future course you do with us within two years from the date of booking.
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